WashingtonIf you are looking for a trip that will bring you and your family closer together and create lasting memories for all of you, head for the state of Washington. Here you can enjoy both the pleasures of the city and the rugged beauty of the outdoors.

Start your trip in one of the best known cities in Washington: Seattle. Here you can enjoy a variety of unique cultural attractions that will appeal to the entire family. Take a tour of the iconic space needle, where you can see the panorama of Washington’s outdoor beauty. The Seattle Art Museum offers visitors another fun stop. Here you will be greeted by the famous 48 ft. tall aluminum and steel sculpture of a man pounding with his hammer. Inside you can enjoy over 21,000 works art, ranging from African Masks to art from Washington’s own artists. The Science Fiction Museum is a great stop for any fans of the genre. Here you can see some of the great science fiction works immortalized along with a Hall of Fame dedicated to some of science fiction’s greatest authors. For any sports fans in your family, Seattle has you covered no matter what the time of year. Take in a game from the Mariners, the Seahawks, Supersonics, and more.

Bellevue is another great place to stop while on a trip to Washington. Wedged between Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish, this city has a variety of wonderful outdoor and beach attractions to offer. Check out any of the Newcastle, Chism, or Clyde beach parks to enjoy some outdoor fun. The Bellevue Art Museum offers some amazing exhibits that have both regional and national significance and offers a variety of educational classes and seminars. A wonderful place to take the kids but that is still fun for the whole family is Kidquest Children’s Museum. Here the whole family can learn about art, science and technology through a variety of hands-on exhibits.

Tacoma is a place that must be seen while you are in Washington. Located at the foot of Mt. Rainier, you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. Take a hike along the Comet Falls Trail that runs through Mt. Rainier National Park. Along this trail you can see some beautiful waterfalls as well as some beautiful wildflower fields. The Chihuly Bridge of Glass must be seen while you are in Tacoma. This 500 ft. long walkway consists of many different unique glass creations.

There is still so much more to do while in Washington. Enjoy the beautiful Snohomish County, which is only 15 miles north of Seattle. Here you can enjoy the Western Heritage Museum, the Tulalip Casino, and a variety of wineries and outdoor attractions. You can enjoy a variety of other outdoor activities throughout the state.

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