The west is waiting for you on your next trip. Visit the state of Utah, where you can see all of the amazing sites and attractions that the state of Utah has to offer you.

Salt Lake City has some of the best cultural and historical attractions in the United States. The Red Butte Gardens are a wonderful place to visit, where you can come to learn more about how people and the landscapes are interconnected. The Hogle Zoo is another great place to visit. Here you can see over 250 different species, totaling over 1,100 animals. The Chase Museum of Utah Folk Arts is a must-see attraction, where you can appreciate some amazing works of art from Utah’s native artists. The Foothill Cultural District is another great place to see some awesome museums and other unique attractions.

Come out to the historic city of Ogden. You can visit Union Station, which contains several museums that chronicle the history of the railroads that ran through Ogden. The Salomon Center is another great place to visit for all sorts of fun. Here you can enjoy a variety of indoor adventure activities. Check out some of the wonderful outdoor destinations that Ogden has to offer as well. Hike the Waterfall Trail or see the tranquil sights of the Ogden River Parkway.

Cedar City is another place that you can visit on your trip to Utah. If you are coming during the summer, make sure to see the award-winning Shakespearean Festival. See a variety of wonderful contemporary shows alongside the classic Shakespeare plays. The Cedar Breaks National Monument is an amazing outdoor spectacle to see. This 10,000 foot deep coliseum shaped natural formation is a very popular destination. If you are a winter sports enthusiast, then head up to the Brian Head Resort. This is the highest elevation resort and is one of the most popular alpine ski resorts in the Southwest.

There are still many more wonderful things to see and do in Utah. Come see the Dinosaur National Monument that contains a variety of awesome dinosaur fossils. The Mormon Temple Square in Salt Lake City is another great historic spot to see. Utah has many well-known sports teams to watch, so check them out if your family enjoys sports.

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