South Dakota

On a South Dakota vacation, you can find the some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the world, along with first-rate historical and cultural attractions.

Take a trip to one of the largest cities in South Dakota: Sioux Falls. Visit Great Plains Zoo, where you can see over 500 different exotic animals, ranging from snow leopards to penguins. Check out the historic Orpheum Theatre, which hosts 100 events a year. Also tour Kirby Science Center, with 80 interactive exhibits, where you can fly a space shuttle, launch a hot air balloon, dig up dinosaur bones, or lift up a car single-handedly!

Another must-see is Rapid City. Take a drive through Bear Country USA. The three-mile drive takes you through 200 acres of wildlife park where you can see bears, buffalo, and wolves. Also tour the Journey Museum to learn how the Black Hills were formed. At the City of Presidents, there is a bronze sculpture dedicated to each president, with four new sculptures being added each year.

Some of the nation’s most beautiful scenery and important national parks are in South Dakota. Come see the famous Mount Rushmore or the amazing Devil’s Tower National Park. Rising over 264 meters over the Wyoming Plains, it will leave your family breathless. For a close look at deep canyons and jagged cliffs, hike through the Badlands National Park.

There are many more great diversions in South Dakota. Check out the Crazy Horse Memorial, a mountain carving dedicated to the famous Lakota leader. The Black Hills National Forest is home to an amazing cave system below the Black Hills. To see more of the most spectacular scenery in the country, drive the scenic byways of South Dakota.

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