Skip Lines & Pay Less

My Opinion on this Article

I really agreed with what was posted below by the AP. It makes sense. Skip lines and saving money is something that I have been preaching (and practicing) for years. Why ever pay full price for anything? If you can save money, take advantage. I love the GoCard, the City Pass, and other travel savings programs. It just makes sense. Purchase a pass that gives you multiple entries for a huge discounted price.

When I was working as a group travel coordinator, we utilized the power of these cards over and over. If you can save some money on tickets or attractions, Go For IT! So, the information below is really appropriate!

NEW YORK — Skip lines, pay less and get your money back for tickets you bought but didn’t use?

Not a bad vacation, if you do the research ahead of time. That’s the goal of a new line of travel passes called Go Select by Smart Destinations, which takes the traditional city travel pass (pay one price to visit a set list of sites for a certain number of days) and lets vacationers pick out only the attractions they want. The more attractions, the higher the discounts. If you didn’t make it to all your destinations, you have a year to ask for a refund.

“It’s taken an entire city and made it like a theme park experience,” said Smart Destinations president Cecilia Dahl.

Smart Destinations has been selling its traditional unlimited-visit Go City cards in 14 U.S. cities, including Miami, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. The company negotiates discounted rates with individual attractions and then bundles them to customers, who can then use the pass to skip ticket lines at each site.

But this summer, the company added customizable passes called Go Select for a number of destinations, including New York, Chicago, Boston, San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Oahu, Hawaii. (Three more cards are being added within the next few weeks: Seattle, Orlando, Fla., and Blue Ridge, which is mainly in and around Asheville, N.C.) The new product lets consumers choose which attractions they want to see. You pay discounted prices that get steeper the more attractions you choose. The top discount is 36 percent off gate price for all entry fees, Dahl said. But you’d have to buy at least a half-dozen attractions to achieve that savings. Typically, the minimum discount is 10 percent for two items.

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