MontanaMontana is a large state with a small population so there’s plenty of room for amazing scenery. The state thrives off ranching, oil production, coal production, tourism, and hard rock mining. Visitors will find outdoor adventures in the lakes and mountains, the photographer of the trip will be inspired, and history buffs will find their hearts desire through museums and towns of the Old West.

Some of the finest places to see include Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park and the Rocky Mountains which tower over the western third of the state.

The stunning Glacier National Park, in the northwestern Montana, features Iceberg Lake, Going-to-the-Sun Road, Garden Wall, St. Mary Lake, and Lake McDonald. The Iceberg Lake Trail provides the perfect hike through Many Glacier Valley, and ends at a lake containing real icebergs. Wildlife surrounds the trail and the lake for fun photos. The Going-on-the-Sun Road is the perfect road for taking a Sunday drive because the road winds through the mountains and over the Continental Divide.

Glacier National Park borders the Canadian Waterton Lakes National Park, and the two parks combined form the first International Peace Park, uniting the United States and Canada.

Glacier National Park is one of the most famous adventures to take in Montana, but there are many others options. Visit the state capital in Helena, originally settled in the 1860s because of the discovery of quartz gold, placer gold, silver, and lead. Then stop at Exploration Works, the perfect way to add educational value, and the kids will have so much fun that they won’t even know they’re learning!

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