MaineMaine is a great state to visit to eat fresh lobster and other types of seafood, sail in the bays of the Atlantic Ocean, visit old lighthouses, and explore mountain scenery. The state is mostly bordered by Canada, providing a fantastic outlet for a getaway to the north. The Appalachian Mountains stretch along the western coast of the state. The eastern coast is cut out by the Atlantic Ocean and has beaches, wonderful sailing opportunities, and regal beach type architecture.

Portland, the largest city, is located in the southern part of Maine on Casco Bay. It is a popular seaside town dotted with shopping opportunities, restaurants featuring delicious cuisine, and many chances for sightseeing. The city’s Old Port was built in the 1800s and now serves as a shopping and dining district. The new port is a departure point for ferries headed to Nova Scotia, which is a popular destination from Portland. Deep sea fishing off the coast is another great activity on a nice day. The Children’s Museum of Maine in Portland is a hot spot to take the kids to explore science, diverse multicultural exhibits, and Maine wildlife, woods, and coastal town life. The Amtrak Downeaster offers great fares for day or weekend trips to Boston and surrounding areas.

There are many choices for lodging within the state. Camping is a fun way to stay or the state’s Bed & Breakfasts in just about every town offer a unique stay. If you’re looking to spend a lot of time in Maine, cabin rentals are a very fun way to be on the coast with a family who wants to explore everyday or relax. For a more luxurious stay, visitors can look into the many resorts and condos that are scattered throughout the state.

Maine is very proud of its sandy beaches. Families can choose from an expansive list of beaches featuring quiet, relaxing atmospheres, family fun, adventure beaches, or gorgeous beaches simply for sightseeing.

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