Rapid City – Ready for Review

Mt Rushmore Rapid CityRapid City is one of the best locations to visit, especially during the summer. We are going to be reviewing Rapid City and the surrounding area over the next few weeks. Check back for exciting information about Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands, Crazy Horse, and other great sites and attractions!

We may also may have some hotels to review for you! Check back in a few days for more on Rapid City!

Mel Fisher Museum

Treasure at the Mel Fisher Museum in Key West Florida

Treasure at the Mel Fisher Museum in Key West Florida

If you are one who loves stories about old naval ships and lost treasures rediscovered, then the Mel Fisher Museum in Key West Florida is the perfect place for you.

Every day Mel was heard saying “Today is the Day”. Finally, 30 years ago his day finally came when he and his team discovered a Spanish ship which had sunk laden with tons of gold and silver.

After many fruitless days, Mel and his group found what they were looking for. You can see many of his discovered treasures at the Mel Fisher Museum.

200 Greene Street
Key West, Florida 33040

This is one place you will want to visit. Gold, silver, emeralds, old coins, and many other artifacts are on display at the museum. In addition to these things, there are other exhibits on display. These do rotate from time to time, so call ahead to find out more.