CaliforniaCalifornia, though not the largest state in the United States, is certainly the most populous, boasting an estimated 36 million residents. California is filled with exciting cities and attractions. The landscape ranges from the Cascade Mountains, to the California Central Valley, which produces roughly one-third of the nation’s food, to the Tehachapi Mountains and the Sierra Nevada mountains. A wide range of state parks give visitors the opportunity to hike, view wildlife, camp, or enjoy a picnic.

California offers diverse culture and landscape. San Diego, the second largest city, resides on the southwest coast. It is home to the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, and 70 miles of beach providing countless options for recreation. Travel thirty minutes north for an afternoon of fun at Legoland with rides, food, shopping, and of course, Legos all over the park. In the southeast are miles of desert with copious natural attractions. Near the city of Palm Springs are hot springs, sand dunes, and resorts. Los Angeles is a city known for its culture, academics, technology, media, and movies. Hollywood, within Los Angeles, is the home of numerous movie editing, effects, and post-production companies, as well as historic theatres. Hollywood Boulevard and the famous Hollywood sign make this a must-see spot in California. Travel the beach from Los Angeles up to San Francisco, where you can find rolling hills, famous attractions, and Victorian architecture.

The Central Valley, in the center of California, is the epicenter of agriculture, boasting beautiful orchards and farms. The High Sierra in the eastern part of the state provides breathtaking scenery including King’s Canyon, Sequoia National Park, and Yosemite. The state capital, Sacramento, resides in gold country where landmarks commemorate the historic gold rush. Shasta Cascades and Redwood State Park are natural wonders of northern California. Wineries in Sonoma County will draw visitors in with beauty, fun, and of course, delicious wine.

Other popular cities include San Jose, Bakersfield, Santa Barbara and Fresno. A California vacation promises something for everyone.


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Image by Ed Yourdon