Affordable Vacation Ideas

When planning a family vacation, most focus on the activities they are going to enjoy. In this section of our site, we give you plenty of ideas on vacation activities you can do.

From the beginning of time, man has done a lot of walking. Today, we call it Hiking! There is almost no better activity to enjoy the great outdoors in a nice, easy pace than hiking. Best of all, this activity is as affordable as you can get. In fact, in most cases it is completely FREE! OK, you already knew that. However, the value you receive from hiking is priceless.

Another great family vacation activity is to go to the beach. Once again, this activity is normally free. What can be more relaxing than taking a nice, leisurely stroll along the shoreline collecting shells (don’t worry, this is not Australia where you must be very careful what you pick up). Play with the kids in the sand and let them bury you or make a sand castle. For most adults, the best beach activity is to relax in the sun and just let all your cares be washed away by the soothing sounds of the surf.

Another favorite from years gone by is camping. Packing up the tent or RV and heading out into the great outdoors can be exciting. Cook on an open fire or roast some marsh mellows, tell stories of when you were a kid, or just enjoy the company. Nothing says vacation like camping and there are normally plenty of places you can camp.

There are so many more affordable family vacation ideas to consider, so take your time as you browse through this section of our site.